Type of Event: ___________________________________
Date: __________________________________________
Start Time: ______________ No. of Hour:     __________
Event Location: __________________________________
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                                                        Street Address
                                                  City / State / Zip Code
Telephone Number: ______________________________
Rehearsal Date / Time: ___________________________

Multiple Site /  Notes / Special Agreement Infomation:

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Contractual Agreement
Xquisite Photography and Video
Baltimore / Washington Metropolitan
Bus.: 443-416-3999
Email: Xquisitely4you@yahoo.com
Name: ________________________________________
City/State/Zip: __________________________________
Home Phone: ___________________________________
Cell  Phone: ____________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________

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Signature: _____________________________________
                              Xquisite Photography representative
Event Information:
Type of Service:
Video Production ___________Photography____________
Package/Event: ___________________________________
Cost: __________ Deposit: __________ Balance:________
Additional Cost (where applicable) _____________________
Please complete one or all as required
General Information:

For Weddings Only
Wedding Party Size: ______________________________
Number of Singers  _______________________________
Is there an Arch:   Yes ______ No ______
Are there Candles to be lit: Yes _____ No _____
Will there be Readings: Yes _____ No _____ # _____
Will there be multiple isles used: Yes _____ No _____
Number of Limos: ________________________________
Will there be a full Church Service: Yes _____ No _____
Will there be any Cultural activities: Yes _____ No _____
What Type: ______________________________________
Name of Officiate: _________________________________
Coordinators Name: _______________________________
Coordinators Telephone Number: ____________________
a. A 50% NONREFUNDABLE deposit in full or partial payment (see "m") is due upon the completion of this Contractual Agreement and the FINAL payment is due 30 days prior to the above services being rendered.
b. As mutually agreed all rights of the above video/photograph will belong to the above service.
c. If the agreement is forfeited within 90 days or less full payment will be due.
d. A $150.00 return check fee will be added to the final balance due by Client for return chek payments.
e. Additional fees such as attorney/court costs that may arise as a result of breach of contract by the client will be the responsibility of the Client. A $100. per month fee due for videos/photos not picked up after completion.
f. Forfeiture of this contract will result in the cancellation of any discounts agreed, verbal or written.
g. I/We understand that a wedding with 12 or more persons in the wedding party, multiple singers/readers and/or a reception with 80 or more guests requires multiple cameras for the most complete coverage.
h. I/WE understand that up to 6 hours is considered standard on site time for a Wedding/Reception and that for any time thereafter there would be an additional charge starting at $125.00 per hour depending on site requirements. Standard time for most other event productions is 4 hour and starts at $125.00 per hour and up as required/agreed or otherwise agreed on in writing depending on production requirements.
i. Under these term, Xquisite Photography and Video agrees to provide the best possible services to its Client, under reasonable and normal conditions within its control and limits any liability due to unforeseen conditions to a full refund of any monies paid in exchange for any product delivered or service rendered.
j. The Client is solely responsible for notifying the above service in writing of changes to this contract within a reasonable time for possible acceptance depending on prior commitments. Acceptance is not guaranteed.
k. I understand that any changes I want made to my video or photos must be forwarded within 48 hours of receipt, also I will be billed a minumum of $125.00 per hour for any changes deemed custom to my video/photographs. I understand that you design our projects in your style and any client input is considered custom editing and will result in additional cost associated with any changes requested by the client at your rate.
l. XPAV  will not be responsible for any production problems that are the results of arches, abnormal lighting, closed eyes, tents, church rules, the facilities, videographers/photograghers, coordinators, weather conditions and/or audio problem due to external influences such as passing aircraft, church audio systems, car CB's, etc..
m. A $200.00 non-refundable reservation fee will secure your date for up to 30 days. 
Please Make Checks Payable To: JAMES CLAYBORNE